See Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's Emotional Final Moments Before Entering Prison
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After stopping at Starbucks for one last indulgence, Mike leans in to hug his wife. "Love you, honey," he whispers.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is giving his fans a glimpse at his final moments before entering prison with a home video posted to YouTube Monday.

In the emotional, two-minute clip, the "Jersey Shore" star and his new wife, Lauren Sorrentino, can be seen entering the backseat of the car that transported them to Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, where Mike began serving his eight-month sentence for tax evasion last week.

"The comeback is always greater than the setback," Mike's voice is heard saying in the video. "I'm gonna work out every day, get in great shape, be ready to come back and film Season 3. That's it."

The one time his positivity wavered, he admits, was on the day of his sentencing: "The day of court was the only day that I felt little anxiety ... It was a good feeling until that day."

"Today, I have a sense of just happy to put this behind me," he says. "At the same time, people don't like a man with grace and class. You can't show weakness in such a situation."

Being the positive jokester that he is on the MTV reboot, Mike adds, "The Situation will reveal himself in 2019. He's currently under construction, but he will be revealed. He's under new management."

After stopping at Starbucks for one last indulgence, Mike leans in to give Lauren a big hug. "Love you, honey," he whispers as he gives her a kiss. Lauren remains silent as she watches her husband walk into his new home for the next eight months.

"Now take me to jail," the reality star says as the screen goes dark. (It's a reference to Ray Liotta's classic line in "Goodfellas.")

In addition to serving eight months in federal prison, Mike was also ordered to complete 500 hours of community service and pay $123,913 in restitution fees (which he has already paid), plus a fine of $10,000.

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