Every Major 'Walking Dead' Death Ranked

Looks like Michonne is following in Rick's footsteps.

So long, Michonne!

Danai Gurira will reportedly exit "The Walking Dead" after Season 10, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show is currently in its ninth season, which returns for its second half on Sunday night.

According to the report, the "Black Panther" star and playwright will pop up in what they're calling "a limited capacity - described as only a handful of episodes" for her final season.

She'll then likely appear in the three planned films with Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, who left the show --- but wasn't killed off -- back in November.

Gurira made her first true appearance up on the show as the fan favorite character in Season 3, after a brief tease in the Season 2 finale. Like Rick, the character is still very much alive in the comics, so this will be another big diversion from the source material.

TooFab reached out to AMC, but the network had no comment.

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