See Original 'IT' Movie Kids Nearly 30 Years Later In Trailer for 'Pennywise: The Story of IT' Documentary
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The Stars of "IT": Where Are They Now?

The kids from the TV movie are full grown adults now as they reflect on making the Stephen King classic.

While we eagerly await the first footage from "IT: Chapter Two," a trailer for another project involving the world's creepiest clown just dropped online.

"Pennywise: The Story of IT," a documentary chronicling the making of the 1990 TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel, released an extended preview on Friday morning, featuring many of the cast and crew members reminiscing about their days on set.

Those included in the footage include Tim Curry, former child stars Seth Green and Emily Perkins, and director Tommy Lee Wallace.

"A lot of people tell me that it poisoned their childhood and I would always think, you shouldn't have been watching it," said Curry, aka Pennywise himself. Perkins also recalled being scared by the actor during filming, explaining how he "would basically just hang out in his cast chair, chain smoking in full makeup and whenever he saw us he would just go, [bares her teeth]."

Green, who played a young Richie Rozier, said he and the other kids would get "in a lot of trouble" on and off the set. Added Perkins, "If it were filmed now with the same group fo kids, there would be a lot of diagnoses, maybe ADHD, oppositional defiance, some of them would just not shut up!"

She also recalled having a crush on Jonathan Brandis, the actor who played Bill Denbrough.

Perhaps most hilarious of all is hearing a few of them look back at the two-part film's finale, which showed The Losers Club facing off against Pennywise's other form, a giant spider-like creature.

"I remember going what? All this and it's a f--king spider?" joked the director, while actor Tim Reid added, "Aw man, come on, you can do better than a rubber spider?"

Check out the extended preview above to see many of the film's stars -- including little Georgie! -- now. The documentary will be released sometime in 2019, while "IT: Chapter 2" hits theaters September 9.

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