'RHOA' Fight of the Night: NeNe Blows Up and Breaks Down Before Ripping a Camera Guy's Shirt
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NeNe goes absolutely ballistic on her co-stars and the crew.

We have never seen NeNe Leakes the way we saw her on the latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

We'll give you the story from the top because -- well -- we have no other way of explaining this insanity.

We all know NeNe loves a themed party. The one she threw during Sunday's new hour was called "Bye, Wig," meaning no wigs, no weaves, no clip-ins. Every guest was to show up with her natural hair.

The day before the party, however, Gregg Leakes was re-admitted to the hospital after doctors found a blood clot in his leg. Unbeknownst to NeNe, her husband then texted Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton because he was genuinely worried about NeNe's state of mind. Marlo was at the hair salon when she got the text, so she dropped everything and drove over to NeNe's house. NeNe didn't answer the phone because she wasn't in the mood to talk. She didn't answer the door because she was actually out shopping. Marlo was pissed.

The next day, Marlo -- and Porsha Williams -- both showed up hours late to NeNe's party. Porsha used the pregnancy card, then flashed her new engagement ring, so she was somewhat forgiven. But when Marlo walked in, NeNe gave her a much colder shoulder. In fact, she started going off on Marlo over what had gone down the day before, which prompted Marlo to clap back.

When Marlo loudly and aggressively started to tell the ladies her side of the story, NeNe began to sob. She was inconsolable, saying Marlo had no idea what she was going through trying to deal with Gregg's cancer. But Marlo was just as angry because she felt she had been there for NeNe every step of the way. She tried to leave, but Cynthia and Porsha convinced her to stay. She and NeNe ended up going upstairs and patching things up.

While they were upstairs talking, Shamari DeVoe was downstairs getting absolutely hammered. She tried to make out with Eva Marcille, then excused herself to the bathroom because she felt sick. When Eva went to go check on her, Shamari threw up all over Eva's dress and shoes. The smell of Shamari's vomit made Eva puke in the sink. Thank God Tanya Sam was there because she cleaned everyone and everything up.

Eva was beside herself, so she ran upstairs to see if NeNe would lend her a dress. The other ladies followed, and eventually, the party was relocated to NeNe's bedroom.

Kandi Burruss mentioned she had never seen NeNe's famous closet. NeNe said the closet was a mess and that she didn't want anyone going in there. Kandi paid her no attention, and Porsha followed closely behind. NeNe was adamant they not go in there, but the ladies didn't stop. NeNe's voice got louder and angrier, and when a camera guy tried to follow Kandi and Porsha, all hell broke loose.

NeNe went ballistic. She grabbed the camera guy by the shirt and pulled him back, ripping his shirt in the process. The shots that followed were all shaky. All we heard was everyone screaming and Porsha demanding that someone take off her mic because she was "scared."

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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