Boys, Babes and Beats: The Scene at Coachella 2019

The explosive b-boy group brings out tricks never seen before on this or any other dance show as they vie for one of only three spots in their division.

The Heima continues to come on strong in the Upper Team division on "World of Dance," and their latest routine from "The Cut" has Jennifer Lopez grabbing her head in shock at some of this b-boy crew's ridiculous stunts.

Hailing from South Korea, this crew has been redefining breakdancing with their unique fusions of the street style with contemporary storytelling sensibilities and a unique visual style. After battling their way through the first two rounds of competition in their division, they face their biggest challenge yet in "The Cut."

In this round, half of the remaining contestants will not make the cut meaning it's time to pull out all the stops and every trick in the bag. And that's just what the Heima did. In this exclusive clip, their stunning routine had the judges catching their breath through crazy moment after moment.

Derek Hough, Ne-Yo and J.Lo weren't the only ones gasping, either, as the crowd was absolutely losing it as The Heima laid out tricks and moves and visuals never seen before on this or any other dance competition show.

They had what can only be described as a pretzel roll between two of the dancers, a surfboard move in the middle and one guy spinning on his head so fast it looked like he was going to drill a hole through the ground.

The Heima has never failed to impress, but they also come into the round ranked third in their division. And in this round, only three move on from each division. So the pressure's on and the stakes could not be higher.

Can they scrape by again? Will this outstanding performance be enough to supplant the two groups that have stayed ahead of them on the scoreboard through two rounds of competition thus far: The Kings and Unity LA. If they can't beat either of them, they just have to beat everyone else. No big deal, right?

"The Cut" wraps up with both The Heima's Upper Team division, as well as the Juniors battling it out, Sunday night at 8 p.m .ET on NBC.

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