Lisa Lampanelli Explains Why She Got Fired From 'Despicable Me 3' (Exclusive)
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Guess The Famous Voice Behind the Character!

The comedian was dumped for Jenny Slate — and now we know why.

Lisa Lampanelli has revealed why she got fired from "Despicable Me 3" — it was her despicable acting skills.

The comedian explained what happened to TooFab exclusively on Monday after it emerged she had been dumped from the 2017 animated sequel in favor of fellow stand-up Jenny Slate.

"I probably got fired because I have an acting range from A to B," she joked.

Earlier on Monday, the 57-year-old made the surprise revelation to Us Weekly that she was originally cast as Valerie Da Vinci, the new head of the Anti-Villain League. The character has brief but memorable screentime, immediately — and somewhat ironically — sacking Steve Carell's Gru as her first order of business, after he failed to apprehend Trey Parker's Balthazar Bratt.

Lampanelli told Us there were no hard feelings toward her replacement or studio Universal — especially since she got paid herself anyway.

"I recorded a couple days, was paid for my trouble and love that they were so honorable," she said. "Jenny killed it!"

As for how much she got paid, she admitted to TooFab she had "no idea — it's probably been stolen by my lawyer and agent anyway."

The role of Valerie Da Vinci was likely planned to be much larger at one stage; she is introduced as a replacement for retiring AVL head Silas Ramsbottom, but never reappears again after her introduction scene, aside from in a brief fantasy of Gru's in which he impresses her and is re-hired.

Alas, Lampanelli could not shed any light on whether or not that was the case: "Never saw the whole script," she admitted. "I guess they know I can't keep secrets! Wonder where they got that idea?"

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