'This Is Us' Cast Among Stars at Upfront Party

The "Barry" star also explains why he and co-creator John Mulaney think there will never be a Stefon movie based on his "SNL" character.

Bill Hader didn't have the answer a caller was looking for on "Watch What Happens Live," so he gave them an even better story about The Rock.

The "Barry" star was asked about working as a production assistant on "The Scorpion King," but admitted he'd had no interactions with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at all during that film. That was more than made up for when Johnson hosted "Saturday Night Live" years later.

Hader was referring to the infamous sketch where Johnson played the "Incredible Hulk" version of President Barack Obama in a classic sketch. "He had to throw me through a window," Hader recalled. "He goes, you run and I just pretend like I’m throwing you. But then, on air, he got really nervous and he really threw me."

It's wild to just imagine what must have been going through Hader's head in that moment when he realized the stunt hadn't gone off as rehearsed and he'd just lost all control!

"I went through the window, through the backdrop and then like just like a cartoon," Hader said, miming a body flipping end-over-end with his hands.

"And he was so sweet," Hader continued. "He ran over going, ‘Are you okay? Are you okay?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m fine.’ He’s the nicest human being on the planet."

"The Rock Obama" would go on to appear multiple times over the next couple of years, though Johnson presumably was more careful with his "SNL" co-stars in future installments.

Later in the show, Hader was asked why we had yet to see a film starring his classic "SNL" character Stefon. The one-note partying lunatic failed in his first appearance on the show, but found new life on "Weekend Update" where he frustrated Seth Meyers with his off-kilter club suggestions.

"We talked about a Stefon movie, John Mulaney and I did," Hader said. Mulaney was Stefon's co-creator and the primary writer for the sketch, who would infamously put in new jokes to try and get Hader to break on camera. It pretty much worked every time.

"We decided that it barely worked as a sketch and that you think you would want a Stefon movie and then you would see it on the poster on the side of the bus and you would go, ‘I don’t want that,'" Hader argued. "And also, the Stefon story, if you really get into it, is like so sad, that people would be like, this is a bummer. Like, he’s homeless."

But we would argue that may be Stefon's story while he was on "Saturday Night Live," but everyone remembers that he and Seth Meyers got married in a gorgeous star-studded affair for Hader's final episode on "SNL."

Couldn't a movie pick up in that fictional world where Meyers is hosting "Late Night" and his husband Stefon is struggling to be domestic at home without losing his edge and passion for New York's hidden underground club scene. Maybe he even tries to start his own club with all that "Late Night" money.

See, it practically writes itself!

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