THAT'S How 'Game of Thrones' Ended? Outrage and Memes Blowing Up Twitter After Series Finale
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Celebrity Reactions to Finale: See Who HATED the Last Episode!

One of the show's creators says they'd be "very drunk and very far from the internet" for the finale. That's for the best.

After eight years and eight seasons, "Game of Thrones" came to an end on Sunday night with a finale that -- as this season as a whole has done -- divided viewers.

Going into the last episode, a good number of the show's audience was already ticked off following Dany's heel turn last week, as she became a Mad Queen and burned King's Landing to the ground. Let's just say this hour didn't help things for stans of the Mother of Dragons.

You can check out our full recap here -- for now, here's what everyone can't stop talking about on social media from the final episode ever.

RIP Dragon Queen


After making BBQ out of King's Landing, Dany made her entrance this week in epic fashion, in one of the show's best shots ever. As she walked out of the shadows, Drogon's wings spread behind her -- and, for an instant, the two appeared as one. It was great.

She then revealed her plan to forge ahead and "liberate" all the other kingdoms. Of course, by "liberate," she really meant kill everyone. Tyrion was the first to step up to her, basically telling her he was extremely disappointed, before throwing his Hand pin to the ground. For that, she had him locked up.

As it became clear to Jon that he wouldn't be able to change Dany's mind, he played her by faking his devotion, kissing her and plunging a dagger into her chest. With that, we all said goodbye to Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons for good.

She never even got to sit on the damn throne.

Drogon Brings the Tears


Can we give Drogon the MVP Award for tonight's episode? That CGI dragon really brought on the feels when he realized Dany had been killed. First, he kept nudging her, only to find she wouldn't wake up. Then, in anger, he melted the Iron Throne to the ground and put an end to the game that consumed his mother.

He then flew off with Dany's body, never to be seen again. The big guy's emotions clearly had viewers feeling them too.

Bran the Broken Rules All


With Dany dead, the Unsullied kept both Tyrion and Jon Snow captive in what was left of King's Landing. Some time later, the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms convened and decided Bran would be the best King of them all. Those Seven Kingdoms went down to Six though, when Sansa decided to rule the North as its own kingdom.

Of all the people on this series, Bran was definitely one of the most unlikely to take the throne in the end ... and the show's fans certainly had some thoughts about that one.

Robin Arryn's Glowup

We haven't seen too much of Stark cousin Robin Arryn since he was still breastfeeding off his crazy mother Lysa at an unnatural age. But when the Lord of the Eyrie popped up at the council, it looked a little different than he did when he last graced our screens.

FYI, actor Lino Facioli is 18 now, and there were many who were glad to hear it.

Sansa, Queen In the North


While there was a lot left to be desired by this series finale, one moment that seemed to make everyone happy was Sansa finally being crowned Queen In the North. Sure, we would have loved to see her on the Iron Throne, but this will do!

Also fantastic: Seeing her shut down her uncle, Edmure Tully, when he tried to make a case for himself to rule all.

Arya Goes West


What's West of Westeros? That's what Arya's on a journey to discover now that she's seemingly given up being an assassin for good.

In her final moments, she was seen heading off on a ship to places unknown, setting up what we think would be an excellent spin-off should HBO decide to keep the "Thrones" shows coming.

Jon's Tragic Ending


Even though Jon Snow (AKA Aegon Targaryen) was the true heir to the throne, that didn't mean anything to the Unsullied, who kept him prisoner for killing Dany. As part of a compromise to keep him from death, but not from punishment, he was banished back to Castle Black to live out his days as a member of the Night's Watch.

But he decided to keep going once he got there, joining the Free Folk (and GHOST, thank goodness!) for a journey beyond the wall.

Brienne's Burn Book

When Brienne got to King's Landing, she took it upon herself to fill in the rest of Jaime Lannister's legacy in the history books, adding some of his noble achievements before saying he died protecting his queen.

The internet, however, had a few other ideas when it comes to what she really wrote there.

Everything Else

Here are all the other tweets we saw that made us LOL or thought were worth a mention ... like, yes, that water bottle Sam snuck onto set!