'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

According to his parents, one of Ryan's jail buddies "got stabbed 10 times" and another died.

Ryan Edwards got out of jail on Monday night's new episode of "Teen Mom OG," but he wasn't ready to talk about his time behind bars with MTV or his son, Bentley.

Before the father-son duo reunited, Maci Bookout expressed doubt that Ryan or his parents would address his arrest or time in jail with Bentley and instead "pretend everything is going to be normal." She was right.

"I don't think they asked Bentley, 'is this something you want to do, are you comfortable with this, is there anything you want to talk to him about,'" Bookout said, questioning how Ryan's parents prepared (or rather, didn't prepare) him for the reunion.

Maci said she hoped his parents, Jen and Larry, would tell Ryan, "Man up, apologize, you need to talk to this child," ... but added, "they're not gonna do that."

The reality star was proven right when cameras followed Bentley to his grandparents' house, where he was seen with his father, brother Jagger and stepmother Mackenzie. As a producer walked into the room, a slate then came on screen saying, "When the MTV crew arrived, Ryan was not ready to discuss his time in jail."

Instead, it was his parents and wife who did all the talking, filling in a producer later outside.

Jen said Ryan told them "it was really rough" behind bars, while Mackenzie said he wouldn't leave the house. "He said he feels like he has something sitting on his chest," added Jen, before the producer noted that sounded like anxiety.

"Two people died while he was in jail," Ryan's mother then explained. "His buddy got stabbed 10 times before he left. He saw one person get beat up so bad there was blood everywhere."

"Smushed his skull," added Mackenize, before Ryan's dad said the guy later died in the hospital.

After Bentley's visit, Maci said in a confessional that she was "really disappointed he hasn't addressed anything with him," before venting to one of her friends.

She said Bentley told her Ryan "was going through a lot," though she wondered whether those "were his words" or something Ryan's parents told him.

"I'm not getting involved. I wanted to do my part and all it got me was in the devil's den, I'm not doing it," she then said. "Ryan is a grown ass man. Ryan and his family think he can go to rehab, do his jail time and come home and everything should be perfectly fine. They seem to forget Ryan hasn't been there for his entire life .... I'm over the bullshit, I'm so over the bullshit."

Noting that Bentley failed all his tests at school the week Ryan was arrested, she went on to call Edwards "a piece of shit."

"If he thinks differently, maybe he should prove it," she then challenged. "I'm tired of crying with my soon-to-be 11-year-old son whose dad doesn't have the balls to own up to everything that he has caused. Not to me, I don't give a f--k if he apologizes to me, but he needs to apologize to Bentley if thinks there is ever hope for a relationship."

This season began with Edwards finishing a 90-day stint in rehab for heroin addiction, before he was arrested for a probation violation.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.