Meet All 33 of Hannah B's 'Bachelorette' Suitors

The unorthodox "Bachelorette" star sends a fan-favorite home as Bachelor Nation turns all their meme outrage against one of her remaining suitors.

"The Bachelorette" kicked off its two-part season finale with Hannah Brown kicking off one of her three finalists, and Twitter has some very strong feelings about her choice.

It's not Hannah's fault this whole thing was filed months ago and she didn't have the benefit of seeing the whole show, hearing the gossip and seeing the online onslaught following each episode. Maybe if she had, we would have been spared weeks and weeks and weeks of "The Luke P Show."

Okay, that's our bad. She ended that "show" last week and it wasn't fair of us to bring him up. This week it was all about her three remaining suitors ... at least for the first few minutes.

As teased during the "Men Tell All" special, the first thing Hannah had to take care of was some business with Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber and Jed Wyatt. And that business was to send one of them packing, off to shed tears in the limo about what might have been and hope they did enough to maybe, just maybe become the next "Bachelor" over Big Mike Johnson. The answer is no, for the record.

There was a collective gasp in waves across the time zones Monday night as Hannah told Peter it was over. The pilot was the online favorite to win the whole thing -- which probably made this result inevitable. Nevertheless, both the show and Peter's name were trending high into the night as Bachelor Nation processed their grief and disappointment at his eviction.

And many of them are all about the idea of Pilot Pete as the next "Bachelor," but we're telling you ... Big Mike is where it need to be. That said, it'll probably be Peter.

Thanks to the format of the finale, fans at least got to watch as the pilot confronted Hannah in the hot seat after the fact to try and get the answers he -- and they -- so desperately needed.

"I've been trying to pinpoint what it was that was the turning point for you," Peter said, recalling their time in the fantasy suite and all their adventures to that point. "Or the point where you realized it wasn't us."

Unfortunately, Hannah didn't have any clarity for anyone. "There wasn't anything wrong and I know that's probably hard to hear," she said. "I woke up that morning, and I had to follow my heart."

When Chris Harrison tried to lighten the mood with a crack about that fantasy suite windmill, Hannah confessed to not being totally honest about what happened in there. "Since it's out there," she said. "I did say there is something Peter and I did twice It was actually four times."

Peter corroborated the story by his shock and blush, saying, "The truth is out. I can't believe you said that. Oh, my god!"

"Somewhere, Luke P's head just exploded," Chris joked. Okay, that time it wasn't us who brought it up.

In direct response to Luke invoking his Christianity to shame Hannah for even considering having sex with any of her suitors on this show, and as a nod to Hannah's declaration to Luke while booting him from her life (for the second time), Peter added, "I still can confidently say that Jesus still loves both of us."

One thing Peter did not do was address allegations raised by his ex-girlfriend that he had dumped her to go on the show. According to Calee Lutes, she and Peter were together as recently as October when she was planning to move to Los Angeles to live with him.

Peter wasn't the only finalist facing such accusations as Jed has also been accused by an ex of leaving her to go on the show, suggesting he even left her a note the night before to tell her that he still loved her and had no intention of falling in love on the show.

Earlier this month, Jed pleaded with Bachelor Nation to stop harassing his family over these allegations, insisting there is more to the story but he is not able to speak on it now, suggesting it's a contractual thing. Could those answers be coming Tuesday night, no matter who Hannah chooses?

For the record, Bachelor Nation has been behind Tyler for a while now to take the whole thing. He's shown incredible respect toward Hannah, and women in general. He is gracious, courteous and well-spoken. Plus, he doesn't have anyone back home saying he dumped them to go on a reality show, which at this point is a huge bonus.

By the end of the night, "Bachelorette" fans had already made their decision, and they were not shy about expressing both their love for one guy and disdain for the other: