Troll Slams Neck-Beard Incel for Sexist Comic Book -- Female Author Hilariously Claps Back
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Despite that oldest of adages, this book was judged by its cover.

A Twitter troll got taken down in spectacular fashion after calling out "misogynistic" comic book creators β€”- without realizing they were female.

A user by the name of @QueenAnitaCox posted the cover of Blake Northcott's "Everglade Angels," apparently taking issue with the fact the baseball bat-wielding protagonist had a fair amount of cleavage showing.

"Imagine the neckbeard INCELS in a basement in Kentuckey creating this Everglade Angels comic: 'Remember the 90S blake?! Tits were bigger then, draw them bigger!' Educated people will not buy this garbage," the user tweeted.

"Good luck selling this, Trump Bros! Idiot customers AWAIT!"

Author Blake got wind of the book cover judgery and decided to help with some fact checking.

"We are not 'Trump bros'. Neither myself nor my cover artist have ever voted in an American election. I'm Canadian, and the artist is Italian," Blake wrote.

"Neither of us live in subterranean dwellings, and to the best of my knowledge, neither of us have ever grown a beard - neck or otherwise. I've tried to grow one several times. The results have been rather disappointing," the autor continued.

Blake then dropped the biggest truth bomb with pictures to prove it: both she and the cover artist were female.

"And since my name is Blake, it's sometimes confusing to new readers - I'm not a 'dude' or a 'bro'. I'm the one on the left. And my cover artist, Leila Leiz, is on the right," she wrote. "As you can see: both beardless. And both above ground."

She finished the troll off with a brutal final tweet: "Appreciate the Retweet of the cover art, though. You left out the URL Tell your 4 followers to check it out. Love and hugs, Blake."

"PS: It's spelled 'Kentucky'. You're an educated person, you should know that. PPS: The 90s and tits are both rad."

Blake, who has since changed her name on Twitter to Blake "American Dude Bro" Northcott (with a US flag and American football emoji), told Bored Panda that she wasn't upset by the critique, just a little surprised.

"I'm used to dealing with trolls but not as often as you'd think,” she said. "Comic book fans are usually pretty cool and laid back."

"I don’t like to respond to people like this because it encourages others to jump on board and start a flame war, but this one was just too funny to pass up. Plus it was a total softball, no pun intended. I saw the chance to smash it out of the park so I swung. Glad I made a couple of people laugh in the process!"

"Everglade Angels," a kickstarter graphic novel that raised almost $24K off a $15k target, follows a girls softball team that takes a shortcut through the Florida Everglades, who stumble into a trap set by a murderous cult.

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