Disney+ Denies Security Breach as Users Get Hacked, Accounts Sold on Dark Web
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Hackers are selling stolen accounts for $3 compared to legitimate accounts priced at $6.99 per month.

Disney+ launched last week to much fanfare and a few technical misfires, such as log-in crashes and download errors.

But amassing more than 10 million customers in the first 24 hours was bound to cause a few other hiccups as thousand of customers have reported their accounts getting hacked, according to tech site ZDnet.

The investigation found hackers selling the accounts on the dark web for prices varying from $3 all the way to $11, which is much lower than a legitimate Disney+ account sold by Disney, which costs $7 per month.

The hackers access a customer account, log the customer out of all devices and then change the account's email and password, effectively taking over the account and freezing the customer out.

The hacked customers took to social media to showcase their umbrage as one wrote, "Not even been half of a week and my dad’s Disney+ account has ALREADY been hacked. Great security there @disneyplus @Disney Unbelievable."

But Disney denies any such problem exists with their new streaming service.

"Disney takes the privacy and security of our users' data very seriously and there is no indication of a security breach on Disney+," the company said in a statement to Deadline.

Other streaming services have run into the hacking problem since their inception.

"Hacking forums have been overflowing with hacked Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix accounts," said the tech site. And there is still a market for it, as fans continue to buy stolen accounts.

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