Tia Carrere Would 'Of Course' Be Down for Another Wayne's World, Still Has THAT Red Dress (Exclusive)
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The actress also reflects on True Lies and Lilo & Stitch.

"Wayne's World 3"? We're not worthy.

Tia Carrere revealed she's always ready to rock in an interview with TooFab, explaining how she would love to return to the role of Cassandra Wong all these years later.

Carrere played Cassandra in the two films, which were spun off from the popular "Saturday Night Live" sketch starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. It's been 26 years since the second installment dropped back in December 1993, a sequel which made only a small fraction of the original film's big box office.

"I would love to do it, are you kidding me?" she exclaimed when asked about a potential reboot. And, yes, she even has a few character beats in mind for Cassandra. "It'd be kinda funny, since I have 2 Grammys from my Hawaiian music, they'd have to go to the showroom at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Hawaii and I'm like in my muumuu, 'Come on Cassandra, you gotta rock!'" she explained. "And I take it off and I'm wearing a red lace dress and they put a guitar on me and we just go get on a plane."

Not just any red dress either, but the red dress she rocked in the 1992 movie. According to Carrere, she still has it in her closet and it's a look she's "working on fitting in again!"

"Wayne! We got a script to do," she exclaimed, "Put it into the universe."

Another movie we always wanted a sequel to but never got was "True Lies," in which the actress starred as bad girl Juno Skinner. Reflecting on that project, Carrere called it "an amazing film to be part of."

She explained that the tango scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger took months of training and said she'd "never felt more glamorous" than she did while filming that memorable moment. Despite being 26 years old, Carrere believes the movie still holds up today, thanks to director James Cameron's "meticulous eye" and perfect blend of humor and espionage.

The actress also called her Disney flick "Lilo & Stitch" timeless, but wasn't sure if the Mouse House should try to attempt to turn it into another live action remake. "I don't know about that, that's a tough one to do," she said, joking, "As long as I don't have to do the surfing scene!"

You can catch Carrere on Netflix's "AJ and the Queen," streaming now.