Six-Year-Old Boy Details Alleged Abuse At Hands of NYPD Dad That Left His Brother Frozen to Death
Suffolk County Sheriff / YouTube

His mother posted the heartbreaking clips on YouTube.

The little brother of the boy who froze to death in an unheated garage has described their ordeal in heartbreaking detail.

In a pair of videos uploaded to YouTube, six-year-old Andrew Valva recalled the abuse he claimed he and his two brothers suffered at the hands of their NYPD cop dad Michael Valva, and his fiancee Angela Pollina.

The couple have pleaded not guilty to the murder of eight-year-old Tommy Valva, who died of hypothermia in January after allegedly being forced to sleep overnight on the garage floor while temperatures plummeted to just 19 degrees.

Last week the boys' mom Justyna Zubko-Valva shared the hard-to-watch clips, as she gently asked the child what had happened in the garage.

"It was like snow in there, but instead there was no snow, it was just really cold," he struggled to explain. "It's like if you were putting your whole body in snow."

He said his older brothers, including ten-year-old Anthony, were locked inside and made to sleep in there.

When his mom asks if there was anything to sleep on, he replied: "Nope, just the floor. And no pillow. And no blanket either."

He said he was locked inside once for hours after eating something without permission.

His brothers, he said, were locked in "all day, every day" - and were not allowed out to use the toilet. When they soiled themselves, they were punished further, according to the boy.

"Because they kept on peeing on themselves," he said. "Because during the night they had to go pee, and mom and dad wouldn't allow them. and then they kept on peeing their pants."

He said he could hear his brothers crying for help inside, but he dared not go in himself, because he would be punished too.

"Sometimes Angela and dad stayed out all day, and Anthony and Thomas stayed at home with the door locked," he said, starting to get upset. "And they had to hold their pee in all day until they came back home."

If they said anything about it at school, Andrew said they would be locked up for three days and "slapped on the butt."

When his mom asked if he ever saw injuries or "boo-boos" on his brothers' bodies, he replied "almost everywhere."

"When dad beat them up they had this little thing on their heads right here bleeding, and put a band aid on it," he said, recalling two incidents where each brother was left with bleeding head wounds. They were never taken to the doctor, he said.

Justyna, trying to hide her emotions, then asks if the boys were ever fed.

"Only once a day," the youngster replied. "Just a sandwich, that's it." He said he heard his brothers complain about hunger.

When asked why the bothers never had accidents at school, he replied "That's because they go to the bathroom at school, the teachers allow them." At home, he said, "The opposite."

"Thank you for telling me that," his mother tells him on the verge of tears. "You're welcome," he quietly replies before resuming watching YouTube.

"Michael Valva's Court appointed private attorney Mr. LoTurco should stop making false and misleading statements to media outlets in order to justify the brutal murder of my son Tommy from the hands of his father Michael Valva, and his fiance Angela Pollina," Justyna wrote in the description.

"Thomas murder was NOT an accident but the tragic result of many years long non-stop sadistic abuse done by those two abusers. The evidence in this case prove that this WAS NOT an accident, the garage was freezing and unheated, my children were locked in the garage without possibility to get out or use the bathroom, and they were forced to sleep on concrete floor without mattress, blankets, or pillows," she continued to assert. "The justice for Tommy, Anthony, and Andrew needs to be served!"

In the video, Andrew also confirms there were two cameras in the garage. Prosecutors said there were surveillance cameras in every room of the house, with the ones in the garage grimly labeled "kids room". They said footage shows the two older brothers sleeping on the hard concrete floor, shivering.

Citing the recordings, Assistant District Attorney Laura Newcombe said the couple even mocked Thomas for being cold the day he died.

"Do you know why he's falling?" Pollina asked, according to Newcombe, to which his father replied: "Because he's cold. Boo f–-king hoo."

Valva initially told his paramedics and his police colleagues that his son had fallen in the driveway before he died, according to reports.

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