Kate Middleton's fairytale wedding to Prince William captured the world's attention. The moment the bride emerged from her Rolls Royce, all eyes were on her dress, tiara, makeup, and jewelry.

TooFab spoke to a jeweler who recreated an exact replica of Kate’s earrings. Steve Sasco of Long Island-based Steve Sasco Designs watched the royal wedding like the rest of the world and immediately noted the significance of Kate’s earrings. “The oak leaf and acorn motif is her family crest.” Sasco was certain these earrings would make great costume pieces.



It typically takes ten days to replicate celebrity jewels, but Sasco did Kate's earrings in just four days. His first task was to get a photo of the earrings. From there, he worked on his computer to bring the earrings "down to the size [they] should be ... an inch and three quarters."

Once he had the photo, it was turned over to a model maker who then crafted the piece from metal. "He carves it and uses the tools to make it exact," Sasco explained. The model maker drilled holes for the stones and added the beading. A rubber mold was then crafted from the metal one. Liquid metal was poured into the rubber mold to make the finished earring.

Each earring is then hand-polished, platinum-plated, and all the stones (Australian crystals) are set using glue.

“[The] earrings are exactly the same, [I] didn’t change anything,” says Sasco.  The one difference? This pair won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The jeweler is also working on replicating Pippa Middleton's earrings from the wedding, too.  “Pippa is getting very popular and men in America have already commented on how adorable she is … and the earrings she had on were very nice too,” says Sasco.

The pieces will retail for approximately $50-75. You can see the earrings here.

Which Middleton sister's earrings would you choose? Tell us in the comments below.

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