Alison Sweeney's stomach is sick.

The "Days of Our Lives" star and "Biggest Loser" host shows off her amazing body on Shape's May cover, where she proves her 30 pound weight loss is here to stay.

"The first time that they asked me to be on the cover I was blown away," she says of her first bikini cover in 2012. "To be asked back validates all of my efforts. Being fit isn’t just a one-time-only, one-hit-wonder thing. This is truly my lifestyle."

"I worked really hard for this and should feel confident," she says of her impressive appearance in the mag.

So, how does she maintain her physique?

Sweeney started marathon training and recently completed her first triathlon. She's also cut back on processed foods and sugar. 

"The results were amazing. I dropped a couple of jean sizes and stopped craving sweets," she adds.

Whatever she's doing, it's definitely working. See more video from the shoot (which proves those abs aren't Photoshopped) below:

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