With her bizarro naked yoga video, barely-there outfits in public and this brand new fashion shoot with V Magazine, it's clear Lady Gaga is more comfortable with her body than ever before.

But is it starting to get too skinny?

The singer strips off all her clothes again for the September issue of V Magazine, posing for four provocative covers and showing off her lady bits for the accompanying editorial.

But in two photos posted on the mag's Facebook page have sparked some controversy online.

While her hair and makeup look better than ever, her thin frame is shocking, as she shows off a bony back and sucked in, concave stomach.

Comparing the pics to the ones above, it's clear a lot of it has to do with angles and her awkward pose -- but fans have been leaving comments like "Feed her!" and "She looks malnourished."

What do you think? Sound off below.

See more from V Magazine's official website here.

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