Aaron Paul is jumping on the "#StarbucksDrakeHands" bandwagon!

The "Breaking Bad" star shared his rendition of the viral video earlier this week -- and we kinda love that he's so on-trend.

The original "Drake Hands" went viral when a Starbucks employee sent the seductive video to a model he was trying to pick up.

Her friend ended up posting it on YouTube and it's since generated millions of views and countless reenactments. You can check out the original video here.

Aaron isn't the only AMC star making headlines -- Sir Anthony Hopkins recently sent one of the most amazing fan letters we've ever read to Paul's "Breaking Bad" costar Bryan Cranston!

Yes -- even Hannibal Lecter's obsessed with the drug-fueled drama.

Seems like the cast of "Breaking Bad" is doing just fine since the show's finale. What do you think of Aaron's "Drake Hands"?

Tell toofab in the comment section, and check out some surprising facts about "Breaking Bad" below!


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