"The Hills" was clearly one of the fakest "reality" TV shows ever -- and now Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are coming clean about some of the most scripted moments they filmed for the MTV series.

The two open up about their time on the show on Wednesday's episode of "Bethenny," saying the series started off fairly "real," but evolved to a point where "everything is fake."

Spencer says the stars were given bonuses when the ratings went up -- so, while "no one forced us to do anything," there were clear incentives for amping up the drama.

One of their biggest lies: Heidi's pregnancy scare.

Check out the video above to hear just how fake that storyline and some of their fights on the show actually were.

The two also revealed their mutually beneficial relationship with the paparazzi, a relationship that made them millions.

At the height of the show's popularity, Heidi and Spencer were known for their staged photo shoots -- doing something ridiculous for almost every holiday. 

"They were never following us, I was calling them," says Spencer. "There's big money in there. Every photo you take, they are selling them to the tabloids. So if you partner up with them, you get a cut. We were making like half a million dollars in photos a year."

While they made a ton of money off the show, they say they somehow managed to blow through $10 million. Watch the video above to se where all the money went -- and how they're being "responsible" now.

See more from Heidi and Spencer when "Bethenny" airs Wednesday.


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