Want to know the secret to dressing like Rihanna?

The "Diamonds" singer is gracing the March cover of Vogue, where she's sharing her top styling tips and talking about her "commitment" to fashion.

"It’s not about pain. It’s about the commitment," she tells the mag about her style. "I say to myself, ‘I want to look like this,’ and worry about the pain later. I’ve had nights I had to tiptoe home and the balls of my feet wouldn’t even allow me to stand."

While RiRi clearly isn't afraid to take fashion risks, there are a few rules that she lives by. First, don't be afraid to rock a weave!

"I have two main hair people I work with," the 25-year-old explains. "They’re always with me. I’m like, ‘I’m bored! I wanna change my hair!’ That’s the good thing about a weave. You can do whatever with it." 

So, where does Rihanna buy her accessories?

"My jewelry’s all fake -- from Claire’s. Or I get it from my mom’s boutique in Barbados. Her shop’s called FAB-U-LUS."

We love that we can just head to the mall to get the same jewelry as the pop starlet!

The brunette beauty also opens up about her image and how she's not intentionally trying to be a rebel.

"I don’t go out of my way to be a rebel or to have that perception," she shares. "But a lot of the decisions I make, a lot of the direction I want to move, is against the grain, or against society’s tight lane, and I’m aware of that sometimes. It might not be fitting with the norm, but that’s OK for me."

To read the full interview with Rihanna, check out Vogue, on stands Feb, 25.

What do you think of her rules of fashion? Sound off below, and click "Launch Gallery" above to see more sexy snapshots from the cover shoot!

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