"Why do they need to be shirtless?!"

That's one question Matt Lanter thought after watching a recent episode of his new CW show, "Star-Crossed" -- and probably something many a CW star has asked through the years.

The actor has swapped his brooding bad boy role as Liam on "90210" to play a brooding alien on the network's latest sci-fi offering, a role that once again finds him surrounded by buff high schoolers with an aversion to shirts.

The 30-year-old actor sat down with toofab's Brian Particelli, where he opened up about playing a teenager again, the pressure to be in shape and revealed if the cast got into any trouble while filming the series in New Orleans.

Plus, will the show be back for a second season? See what he says about its future in the video above!

"Star-Crossed" airs Monday nights on The CW. Need to catch up? Click here for full episodes!

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