Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is no stranger to fights, but a recent blowout with his own brother landed him in jail

Still sporting a cast on his hand and the remnants of a shiner under his eye, the former "Jersey Shore" star sat down with toofab's Brian Particelli this week to talk about his new reality show "The Sorrentinos" -- where talk turned to the family fisticuffs. 

"We made up," Sitch tells toofab. "We sat down, had some dinner. We hashed out what I thought, what he thought and we moved forward."

Mike and his older bro Frank reportedly got into it over how to run Boca Tanning Salon, the family business the two work at on their new TV Guide Network series.

"It can be a little taxing when you're working and almost living with your family as well," says Mike, who lives with both his girlfriend Lauren and Frank. "They have big personalities as well as I do. When you get in an argument with a family member, it's not like you can say 'You're fired' and they're gonna walk out the door. You still gotta deal with them when you come home."

As toofab previously reported, production on the TVGN show had already wrapped when the fist fight went down -- but the network ordered an additional episode to "address" the incident "in an effort to tell a complete story about [the family's] lives."

"The Sorrentinos" premieres July 15 at 10pm on TVGN.

Come back Monday for more from Mike, as we ask if he's been in touch with his "Jersey" costars -- and if his girlfriend is "the one."

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