Can you believe she's 49!?

Linda Evangelista is gracing the cover of the September issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine, where she's proving that she only gets better with age. 

The brunette beauty looks flawless in a black sweater, printed leggings and a several elaborately twisted wool scarves. Smokey makeup accentuates her beautiful eyes and she's sporting her signature pixie cut.

The sexy supermodel is just one of 19 ladies featured in Harper's Bazaar's September issues worldwide -- alongside stunners like Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Penelope Cruz and Lady Gaga.

Speaking of Crawford, the 47-year-old beauty steams up the pages of the mag, rocking a black sequin midi skirt, a black tank, fishnet stockings and a purple and brown fur.
Meanwhile, Mother Monster looks chic and sophisticated in her cover shot, donning a pink Chanel dress, jacket and matching hat. Her French bulldog puppy, Asia, is easily the cutest accessory!

Inside the publication, the "Applause" singer is interviewed by Karl Lagerfeld, where she talks about getting inspiration from past style icons.

"I've been recently enjoying looking far and wide for the best vintage fashion I can find. Clothing with a story, a past. Heavy fabrics, jewels, veils," she shares. "My latest trip is feeling a connection to all women throughout history through fashion. I love wearing clothes knowing that I'm carrying the spirit of previous fashionistas, and living out more of their fantasies, and my own."

"I believe clothes carry the soul of the designer and the person wearing them forever, so I look for clothes with a soul," she adds. "Perhaps it's something only I can see. But I know it's real."

Lagerfeld calls Gaga "the world’s ever-changing fashion icon," which is a big honor for the songstress. 

"It’s an honor for you to say that, Karl. You are very classic. Classic for me is something that changes all the time, like a drifting anchor," she explains. "Even though I’m changing all the time, I’m always thinking of iconography—which is repetition of images—so I’m always different."

"I’m in a way wearing the same outfit over and over, but I’m just a different expression of the same woman," she continues. "When I leave the house, I bear the souls of fashionistas who came before me; I continue to live glamorously to celebrate them. I’m just being me."

She certainly is!

The September issue of Harper’s Bazaar hits newsstands August 19th.

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