Gabourey Sidibe, Danielle Brooks & Ashley Graham Tackle Haters In Their Lingerie
Cass Bird for Lane Bryant
Celebrity Weight Loss

Can't dull their shine!

Gabourey Sidibe, Ashley Graham and "Orange Is the New Black" star Danielle Brooks all flaunt their curves for the new #ThisBody Is Made to Shine campaign from Lane Bryant.

The three stars, known for embracing body positivity in the face of adversity, show off their physiques in a collection of black and white photos shot by Cass Bird. In the photos, the women proudly display their bods in lingerie, form-fitting clothing and sheer tops.

"With the steady rise of social media also comes the scrutiny women face on a daily basis -- both in a positive and negative light," a press release from Lane Bryant reads. "#ThisBody Is Made to Shine aims to strip away the adversity experienced and show all women that it is possible to continue to shine despite what anyone has to say."

"The women in this campaign shut down their naysayers and do what's right for them," it adds of the aforementioned stars. "They thrive on proving others and even themselves wrong. We are hopeful it will help women flip the script and silence the shaming while challenging the societal norms and encouraging everyone to rise above."

Sidibe, who recently made headlines for her shrinking frame, opened up about the shoot and its importance with PEOPLE.

"I'm very proud to take part in something I've fallen victim too," she says. "Plenty of times, I haven't been able to wear certain clothes because they didn't come in my size. It's nice to be on the right side of the inclusion conversation."

Perhaps because of this struggle, the "Empire" star isn't really a fan of red carpets. When asked about her "favorite red carpet moment to date," she didn't really have one.

"I like when red carpets are over. I hate red carpets in general. I don't understand them," she says. "Can't we just go directly into the party or can't we just sit and watch this movie already? So what I'm wearing a pretty dress? What are we doing?"

0923_gab_insetLaunch GalleryCass Bird for Lane BryantSee More "OITNB" Transformations Brooks, best known as Taystee on "OITNB," is happy the conversation around plus-size fashion is changing.

"I am really glad women are speaking out. It think it's that fear of feeling like 'Oh my gosh maybe I am like tripping.' Maybe I should change. And it's like no! These designers are tripping," she explains. "There's 67 percent of women that are in this plus-size world that we live in. And that's over half of the women in the world. I don't see why I can't get to wear Tom Ford or why I can't wear Gucci or whatever those big name brands are. I don't understand why I can't be your It girl."

0923_gab_inset2Launch GalleryCass Bird for Lane BryantSee More of Ashley Graham's Sexiest Shots Graham is one of the few curvy "It girls" out there right now ... and she's just as thrilled about the shift in fashion.

"We are lucky to live in a world made up of so many different kinds of people and I am confident in the direction we are going," she tells PEOPLE. "I really hope that the fashion community will not accept anything that does not represent everyone. Embracing uniqueness and showcasing the beauty of our differences is what I am all about, so the fact that my words and image can impact positive change is a perk of this job I never expected I would have."

See more about the campaign right here!

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