13 of Tomi Lahren's Best Selfies

After keeping mum since her departure from The Blaze, Tomi Lahren is speaking out in an in-depth profile with Playboy Magazine.

In the piece published Tuesday, the former Blaze host held back nothing while detailing her firing, her views on abortion, Black Lives Matter, along with a slew of other hot topics that she has previously commented on which have landed her in a social media inferno.

TooFab dug deep into the 8,000-word Lahren profile to find the only parts anyone who loves or hates her will actually care about.

1. Tomi thinks Black Lives Matter tagline "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" is reckless

"The events leading up to that [Darren Wilson innocence] concluded that Darren Wilson did act accordingly with the law and his position. I have to be respectful of that. It also frustrated me when they [Black Lives Matter] used the "hands up, don’t shoot” slogan, when it’s been proven to be a falsehood. Why would you try to legitimize a movement based on a false narrative?"

"He didn’t have his hands up. That was not the incident; that’s not what happened. So if they [Black Lives Matter] want to use "hands up, don’t shoot” as their tagline, and they want to apply it to Ferguson and Michael Brown, they’re starting with a falsehood. It’s an emotional tagline. I find it to be reckless."

2. Tomi said it was a mistake to compare BLM to the KKK, but stands by it

"I think it was a mistake to put it on Twitter, which is why I deleted it. Because it didn’t come with an explanation. I couldn’t explain the true feelings behind it, which is why I deleted it. Like I told you, I think Black Lives Matter started off as a well-intentioned organization looking to bring social justice for what they saw as young black teens being unfairly treated by police. Whether that’s true or not, that’s the issue they were trying to draw attention to. So any time you want to draw attention to something or start a conversation, I think that’s positive. However, when they turned it into, “Fuck the police” and “Fry em’ like bacon" and the stepfather of Michael Brown said “Burn this bitch down,” calling for more violence. That’s when they started to become ugly. They need to get their organization in order, because if they don’t, and more incidents like this happen where five police officers lose their lives, Black Lives Matter is heading in the direction of a hate group like the KKK. I’m not saying you can compare the short history of BLM to the long and disgusting history of the KKK, but if you don’t want BLM to be synonymous with a domestic terrorist group, get yourselves back on track. Don’t riot and burn your communities. When you call for violence against police or white people, you are becoming a domestic terrorist group like the KKK. I honestly don’t think that’s controversial."

3. Feminism is bad for the country, according to Tomi

"To say that a woman can be simplified into wanting free abortions or free birth control, and by using a false statistic like the 77 cents on the dollar bullshit; to say that that’s what female empowerment is? That’s discrediting and insulting to woman like myself. Saying, “Give me, give me, give me” is not female empowerment. As a woman, I care more about immigration than I do free birth control. Does that make me anti-woman? No, it just means that I don’t wake up everyday and think of myself first and foremost as a woman. I think of myself as an American, as a daughter, as a friend. I don’t wake up and think, “What can I get for free today because I’m a woman” or use my gender to further some kind of entitlement for me."

4. She believes in "Fake News"

"I think there’s been a lot of fake news. I remember BuzzFeed reporting on the Russian dossier connecting the Trump administration to those wacky claims like golden showers, and then CNN said they wouldn’t publish it, and ended up spending a good amount of time talking about it. So they legitimized it without saying they were legitimizing it. So there’s instances like that, where they’ll run with a story with so few sources because it’s salacious and demonizes Trump and might bring down or torpedo his administration. Or because they think it’s going to make a good headline."

5. She's not labeling herself as alt-right if it means white supremacy

"There’s people like Richard Spencer, who coined the term. And the fact that they’ve taken that term and made it so it means white supremacy is disgusting. So of course I’m not going to label myself an alt-righter, especially if alt-right means white supremacy. It’s so frustrating when people lump in Trump supporters or conservative millennials as part of the alt-right faction. If this is what alt-right has been deemed to mean by the mainstream media, or by white supremacists who’ve coined the term—then I don’t want any part of it."

6. Tomi does not think institutional or systemic racism exists

"I think through affirmative action and the quota system, seeking to correct the problem, we’ve gone overboard and way too far in the other direction. Quota systems don’t allow the best person that fits the job to get the job, but the person who fits the quota. I’ve heard that time and time again, even in police departments, where if you’re a white male, it’s going to take you a hell of a lot longer to join the force, but if you’re a female Hispanic you’re gonna get in three days."

7. She considers Fox News "The Mecca"

"Of course I would. I mean, that’s the Mecca. But I don’t care what the outlet is. I would work for MSNBC if I could be me and be authentic and genuine, and do what I do. That’s the thing about me: I can learn and I can grow, but you’re not getting some empty vessel that you can make with it what you want. I think I’ve proven time and time again that I’m not easily tamed. I would consider going anywhere. But I just want to be able to pursue what’s next. I want the freedom to find that out."

8. Tomi is all aboard the plan for a "Muslim Ban"

"Yes. Absolutely. And I said on The View, that if you think this is a “Muslim Ban,” then how many billions of Muslims have packed themselves into six countries? If this was a Muslim ban, then India would be included on it with their high population of Muslims. These are areas that are Jihadist, war-torn countries that want to establish a caliphate under Sharia. And to say that we shouldn’t be monitoring those places is being completely tone-deaf to what’s going on in the world. Look at Europe. They’ve said, "Bring them all in,” and look what’s happening there? It’s a fundamental transformation."

9. She doesn't think her pro-choice remarks on "The View" were a bad career move.

"I mean, for those are willing to discount me or throw me out as such a strong female voice on the right, or discount me because I don’t link up on every item on your check list? I don’t really need you. You can disagree with me, but if you now hate me or turn your back on me because I have this position, I don’t need you."

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