A sunglass-clad Alec Baldwin returned to the podium as President Donald Trump in a cold open of Thursday's "SNL Weekend Update: Summer Edition" to spoof his 77-minute rant at a Phoenix, Arizona, rally earlier this week.

"They found the one black guy at the rally and they sat him behind me," said Baldwin, "and because of the eclipse, I can't tell -- are you really black?" To which "SNL" star Kenan Thompson responds, "Well that's what the ad said you was looking for."

The sketch addressed the controversy over Trump's "both sides" response to the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which led to the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

"As we all know, there was a tragic victim that came out of Charlottesville: me," he said. "Folks, the media has treated me so unfairly by reporting my entire remarks, even the bad ones, so I wanted to set the record straight about exactly what I said."

Baldwin whipped out the transcript: "We had a group on one side that is very bad -- neo-Nazis -- and we had a group on the other side, and then I didn't say a single word after that. I just stopped. Nothing else was said."

"The dishonest media -- right there, section 40, you know what to do -- they won't tell you about my accomplishments, but I've done so much," he said. "First off, last night, I solved Afghanistan. Solved! I sat down with our military, we looked at the map and I asked the hard questions like, 'Which one is Afghanistan? Is that blue thing an ocean?' We're doing so much."

Baldwin also mocked Trump's stance on "the wall," eliciting an enthusiastic response from the Trump supporters behind him.

"If I have to shut down the government to get it built, I will," he said. "Congress will close, no IRS, our military will stay home."

"Folks, I've got the best people on this. I've got a great team," Baldwin said before SNL's Grim Reaper Steve Bannon appeared for a "proper goodbye."

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