Twitter Explodes Over Donald Trump's Physical Results, Weight and Use of Propecia
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"239? They should have had him put his other foot on the scale," Andy Richter tweets.

Donald Trump's physical results were announced on Tuesday and Twitter is having a field day.

According to doctor Ronny Jackson, Trump is reportedly 6'3" and weighed in at 239 lbs. Jackson also said he believes the president is mentally fit, but could stand to lose 10-15 pounds.

"All clinical data indicates that the President is very healthy and he will remain so for the duration of this presidency," he added.

While he got a mostly clean bill of health from the good doctor, Twitter had a hard time digesting some of the results. Many -- including Andy Richter -- found themselves in complete disbelief when it came to his weight. Others took Trump to task for his use of the hair loss treatment Propecia. See the most savage reactions below:

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