Olivia Wilde gets put in the hot seat -- by her other half! 

The actress stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday and played a round of the clubhouse favorite "Plead The Fifth."  But, instead of host Andy Cohen asking the star personal questions, Olivia's fiance Jason Sudeikis pre-recorded three questions to ask his lady. 

The "SNL" star did not disappoint, bringing up some super racy topics that got the 31-year-old flustered.  

First, he asked the "House" alum where was the "wildest place" she had done the deed.  

"Oh my god, I don't know what's he talking about? That's..I..I'm pleading the fifth," she said refusing to answer. "I can't believe he would ask that." 

But, it was the 40-year-old's second question that really got Olivia embarrassed. "You've played a bisexual character more than once. Have you ever dipped into the lady pond in real life?" Sudeikis asked. 

"Oh my god!" I mean what's going on?! Olivia exclaimed. "I appreciate all people," she added. 

"I think that means you absolutely have dipped into the lady pond. I will accept that as a yes!" Cohen teased the star. 

Watch the clip above to see what else Jason asked Olivia -- and see who she named as her favorite on-screen girl kiss.