Talk about an amicable exes!

Christina Milian is getting candid about her split from ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne, and it seems the couple is still on great terms.

"I thought was so interesting [Lil Wayne] is featured in your new song 'Do It,'" Meredith Vieira tells her guest on Monday's show. "How hard was it working so close with someone after you’ve split up as a couple? Was it hard?"

"It wasn’t hard at all because we are still friends," Milian says. "I think we understood that the relationship is just not working at the moment for us and we are both extremely busy and rather try to force it and make something work that’s just not working in the moment. We are like, 'Let’s just settle and chill out for a second.'"

"I literally was just texting him a little while ago. We are still texting each other, checking up on each other," she adds. "We shot a music video, we were perfectly fine, the chemistry was still there, it’s not gone at all so. We are grown ups about it."

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The singer and the rapper first met in July 2014 and quickly became a couple. She later wrote the song, "Rebel," about their relationship.

"He’s very special to me," she told Us Weekly at the time. "I’m so inspired by the relationship that I’m in that it’s definitely an experience. It’s that careless, hopeless, romantic love — that feeling of ‘I will do anything for you’ and it’s just incredible and so yeah, ‘rebel for you’ means ‘I’m all about you.’ We love that!'"

Do you think these two will rekindle their romance? Sound off with your predictions below!

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