Our favorite late night segment is back ... and more hilarious than ever!

Jimmy Kimmel brought back his hilarious and oh-so-popular "Mean Tweets" segment, where he has his famous guests read nasty comments written about them online aloud.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the first victim of the night with this tweet: "F--king Julia Louis-Dreyfus 50 year old ass still on TV and winning awards and s--t. Bitch, you NEED to retire." "OK!" she replied, "I'll retire," she said with a giggle.

Liv Tyler came up next, reading the following mean message: "Must be hard for Liv Tyler having a father that is just a giant ballsack," the actress declared before busting out in a fit of laughter. "That's amazing!"

Kirsten Dunst got slammed for her "tic-tac" teeth while Sean Penn was called "full of farts."

Finally, Sarah Paulson recited this mean tweet from @ThePeter: "Sarah Paulson is annoying when she yells ... or cries...or talks...or exists."

The "American Horror Story" star had an epic answer for her hater -- "Bite me motherf---er, bite me! That's how I feel about that!"

She won that round!

Check out the clip to hear mean tweets from Colin Farrell, Kurt Russell, Matthew Perry, Daniel Radcliffe and more.