Trevor Noah has on theory on why President Trump's tweets about sending the Feds into Chicago to fix the horrible "carnage" sounded awfully similar to Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

"It wasn’t from some classified briefing on urban violence," Noah said on Wednesday night referring to the tweet.

Observing that the tweet appeared on Trump's feed just an hour after O'Reilly reviewed "stats" on Chicago's shooting fatalities crime rates on his show. "Coincidentally, Bill O'Reilly also suggested sending in the feds,"

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Calling the move "insane," Noah said: "The commander-in-chief gets his intelligence from the same place your racist grandpa does." Joking that Bill O'Reilly "gets to be President for an hour every single night,"

Noah then expressed remorse on behalf of former anchor Megyn Kelly who just left Fox News for NBC.

"Poor Megyn Kelly, she left Fox too soon," Noah smirked. "She could have been the first female president for an hour a night."

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Noah suggested that First Lady Melania Trump's channel surfing will soon be inspiring further Presidential tweets to the effect of "America must win the Storage Wars!" and "Start enforcing the 'Vanderpump Rules' and stop Viola Davis from getting away with murder!" which took a direct jab at the President's proclivity for television.

Watch the video (above).

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