29 Shocking Celebrity Splits of 2016

Mariah Carey's is moving on and has the breakup anthem to prove it.

The five-time Grammy winner returned to the studio to record a new track, "I Don't," on Sunday's episode of her E! show, Mariah's World. The breakup song comes after her split from her former fiancé James Packer.

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"Ever since the tour wrapped I took some time just to process my feelings and I started writing a song to express what I've been going through," Carey said during the episode. "And if you're not getting the love that you need from someone that you're supposed to be in a real relationship with, then why remain in that situation?"

In her song Mariah sings, "Said you would always be mine / Fed me nothing but lies / But I'm tired of cryin', no more tears / Pity party, Another year / Cold at night cause you're not here / Leaving you was my worst fear."

"'Cause when you love someone, you just don't treat them bad / You messed up all we had," it continues. "Probably think I'm coming back / But I don't, I don't."

See a clip of Mimi recording the song (below).