Jennifer Lopez Almost Throws Her Neck Out In Dance Battle With Jimmy Fallon (Video)
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Why on earth would anyone challenge Jennifer Lopez to a dance-off?

Jimmy Fallon must have been feeling brave on Wednesday's "The Tonight Show" Wednesday when he battled J.Lo in a game where the two made up new dance moves on the spot after picking a name out of a velvet grab bag.

The improvised moves included "Putting on Skinny Jeans," "Washing Machine on Spin Cycle," "The Walking on a Moving Bus" and the "Hot Cowboy."

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Lopez wowed the crowd with her hip thrusts and hair flips for the washing machine dance, commenting that she "almost threw my neck out" trying to one-up Fallon.

Watch the competition above and see the duo end the competition with a "dance duet" for "Seeing Yourself on a Jumbotron."

Sorry Jimmy, but Jenny from the Block's got you beat:

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