The ultra-conservative Tomi Lahren survived her very first appearance on "The View."

Whoopi Goldberg was MIA from Friday's live episode, the host of "The Blaze" joined the Hot Topics table for a conversation about Donald Trump's travel ban, investigations into both wiretapping claims and the administrations' ties to Russia and the president's treatment of women.

Lahren told the women she thinks her videos are so popular online because she "represents Middle America."

"You've got the two coasts and they just seem to talk to each other. Middle America is dying for a voice," she explained. "They watch me and say she speaks like I do, thinks like I do and seems to get it like I do. There's not a lot of young conservative women out there and I provide that."

On Trump's travel ban ...

"This isn't a Muslim ban. Unless all the Muslims in the world have been able to pack themselves into six countries, it's not a Muslim ban," she said.

When Joy Behar asked if it bothers her the ban doesn't include Saudi Arabia, "where he has a business," the two actually agreed on something. " I definitely think Saudi Arabia should be in there," she added.

"We have to be honest. We have to name the enemy. That doesn't mean all Muslims are the enemy. We look at these six counties, we can see they have a serious problem with terrorism," Lahren continued. "If we can't be honest, we're going to continue to chase our tails. Americans aren't going to be safe and Muslims are not going to be safe."

On investigations into ties to Russia and president's wiretapping claim:

"If you're going to investigate one, you have to investigate the other," she said. "We should investigate both to the fullest."

When Jedediah Bila said there's "a big distinction between those two investigations," because there's "no evidence" of Trump's wiretapping claims, but there was communication between Russia and several people in Trump's administration.

"It costs money. I want some reason, otherwise I don't want taxpayers on the line for it," added Bila.

On women's issues:

Tomi defended Trump against Joy Behar saying he "treats women so poorly," as the co-host cited the "Access Hollywood" tape and his comments about Megyn Kelly and Alicia Machado.

"If we go back to the campaign, which is when most of these things took place, I look at the things now president Trump said and the things Hillary clinton did and I had to weight them. She stayed married to Bill Clinton, so is she giving him get a pass then?"

This whole 'Trump is anti-woman thing,' I just don't buy it. if he's so anti woman, why did he select a female to run his campaign. If Kellyanne Conway had been a democrat, you at this table would have been applauding her, singing her praises.

"That's like saying all my best friends are Jewish and being an anti-semite," Joy clapped back.

Tomi also defended her pro-choice stance. "I'm for limited government, stay out of my guns and stay out of my body as well," she said. "I get a lot of attacks from conservative women as well. Equal hate from all sides for me!"

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