A feud has erupted between Wendy Williams and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Eden Sassoon over critical comments the talk show host made during one of her "Hot Topics" segments.

The subject at hand: the reality star revealing on "RHOBH" she booked her online boyfriend, who she refers to as "London," a trip to NYC to finally meet IRL for the first time. The Sassoon talk starts at the 14:18 mark above.

"I think that she's got that growing up rich and entitled thing, where she's not really on track with what is going on out here," Williams said during the segment. "You can't carry a crystal to your computer and think that by holding it in your hand tight, you're gonna meet Mr. Right and invite you to your house. He could be the killer. He could be the STD carrier and I'm not talking about the ones you cure. People get very angry when they realize that they got something that maybe is incurable and they do terrible terrible things."

Williams wasn't done there.

"Then he could find out you're a Sassoon, wait for you to get into the shower, go into your check book, steal a few checks from the bottom," she said. "You never steal from the top!"

Her final message to Sassoon: "Get smart before someone takes from the bottom of your check book. That's all."

Eden caught wind of Wendy's remarks this morning and went off on her on Twitter.

And yes, if you made it down this far, that last tweet does say that Sassoon sent Williams a wig.

The reality star has been at odds with some of her co-stars during her first season on the show as well, getting into it with Lisa Rinna and Kyle and Kim Richards over the latter's sobriety.

Eden previously told TooFab she had no regrets entering the Richards' sobriety conversation, because she's getting her message out there.

"Every single day I have minimum of 20 people reach out to me. Minimum. And whether it's online or I give them my number or email back and forth, people go through some serious, serious things in life," she said of the outreach she's received since being on the show. "Every single day, I'm reminded that what I'm doing and what I'm talking about relates to people suffering in this world. If that's why I'm here, that's why I'm here and I'm okay with that, completely okay with that."