Nicole Richie got more than on-air promotion for her new NBC show "Great News" in a recent "Talk Stoop" interview that went awry when the host accidentally slapped her square in the face.

The awkward moment came as host Cat Greenleaf was attempting to give her guest a celebratory high-five when Ritchie said the best news she heard recently was a rainy weather forecast in drought-stricken Los Angeles.

Then comes the swing, the miss, and the smack, which landed so hard it sent Richie's sunglasses flying off her head.

Greenleaf was visibly mortified that she had just slapped a guest while Richie was stunned she had just been slapped on the NBC segment.

"Oh my god," Greenlead exclaimed. "Are you OK? That was the craziest high-five of all time. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

Richie quickly shook it off, though, and handled the situation like a pro without displaying any malice toward Greenleaf.

"What's a little fun notorious fact about you?" Greenleaf asked in an attempt to get the interview back on track.

"I was just abused, like two seconds ago," Richie replied.

Once the dust settled, Richie talked about her transition from reality star to actress on the new NBC sitcom and -- well, who cares. We're all here for one reason and one reason only, which is available for your viewing pleasure in the video above.

You don't have to watch for very long, either. The slap that will go down as one of the most awkward celebrity interview moments ever lands about 20 seconds into the interview. nicole_richie_through_the_yearsView PhotosGettyNicole Richie Through the Years