Ashton Kutcher's Questions About Gender Equality at Work Did Not Go Over Well
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Ashton Kutcher started planning an "open dialogue" about women in the workplace this week, and it didn't go so well.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star faced backlash for the questions he posted on LinkedIn ahead of next week's Facebook chat, which is intended to spur a “live open dialog about gender equality in the work place."

Questions included, “What advice should we be giving to female entrepreneurs?” and “What are the rules for dating in the work place? Flirting?”

Many of the users who joined Kutcher's discussion were outraged at these questions, with Paradigm CEO Joelle Emereson saying, "Yikes. These are definitely not the right questions. Most rely on flawed assumptions and perpetuate problematic myths."

Others took to Twitter to share their anger with the questions Kutcher proposed. Another user chimed in to say, "Aston, you embarrass yourself for a very good reason. Your questions tell me more (again) about how you perceive women, not how women are! Please pull together the correct questions, and a dialogue that deals with the issue, instead of reiterating the sexist view in the workplace will begin to heal us."

On Friday, Kutcher took to Twitter to explain the intention behind his questions, assuring that if he did make a mistake he is glad to learn how top prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

"Hope we can find space to be wrong in the pursuit of getting it right," he tweeted. See his entire response below.

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