Twitter Pounces on Ann Coulter After She Blasts Delta for Allegedly Giving Seat Away

It's another story about an airline taking away a customer's pre-booked seat and giving it to someone else - only this time, the victim is one of the most divisive figures in American politics.

Conservative pundit/provocateur Ann Coulter, famous for her blisteringly offensive rants against Democrats, immigrants, people of color and the LGBTQ community, flew into a Twitter rage on Saturday when Delta Airlines allegedly removed her from the extra-room seat she'd paid for in advance and gave it to another woman.

Coulter photographed the other passenger and broadcast the picture to her 1.6 million followers while tearing into Delta, demanding an explanation and even accusing the airline of disabling their wifi so she couldn't tweet about it.

Her rant extended into Sunday, when she compared Delta flight attendants and gate agents to prison guards, Stasi policemen and Nurse Ratchet from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." She also implied that the "dachshund-legged" passenger that took her seat, who appears to be a woman of color in the photograph, was an immigrant.

Delta tweeted an initial apology to Coulter, saying they "understand how this must be extremely frustrating."

Meanwhile, a Delta spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that they were reaching out to Coulter about the complaint, but also said, “It appears her new seat was in the same row, just not the exact seat she had selected.”

Delta later tweeted Coulter that they would refund her $30 for the inconvenience, but that her comments about the passenger and Delta employees were "unacceptable and unnecessary."

The controversy was comedy gold for Coulter's critics, with a few of them finding humor in the fact that she doesn't appear to fly first class.