Intricate traps, pig masks and a creepy ass puppet on a tricycle ... yep, the "Saw" franchise has returned.

Lionsgate dropped the first trailer for "Jigsaw" online Thursday morning, with the film promising to take the series' "signature brand of twisted scenarios to the next level."

The clip gives fans a look at what some of those "twisted scenarios" are, as a group of victims wake up to find themselves chained up as they're slowly pulled towards a wall full of sharp, spinning buzz saws. There are also traps involving motorcycles, shotguns and sand.

While Tobin Bell, who played the titular character in the previous films, can be heard in voice recordings in the trailer, it remains a mystery whether he'll somehow appear in the movie as well. His character died in "Saw III," but appeared via flashbacks in the next four movies.

"Jigsaw" hits theaters just in time for Halloween on October 27.

Check out some of the promo posters for the movie, saying "He Is Everywhere," below:

view photos Lionsgate First 'Jigsaw' Posters Tease 'He Is Everywhere'