Critics Rip Into 'Life of Kylie': 'It Feels Like Watching a 30-Minute Snapchat'
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Kylie Jenner is taking the reigns of her own reality show, and early reviews for "Life Of Kylie" are questioning what the show is set out to do.

The show will follow the youngest Kardashian mogul as she continues work for her beauty brand, Kylie Cosemetics, The Kylie Shop, and her clothing brand with model sister Kendall Jenner, Kendall and Kylie.

The 19-year-old shares her personal life in what she says is the first time she's been so open, inviting some of her friends/staff along for the journey.

Some publications have already previewed the series, here's what they have to say:

Time Magazine says what people are watching on "Life of Kylie" is a "very young PR expert at work" as she flies from city to city, promoting her brand and attending social events. Of course, much like in "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" there is a little fun and drama mixed into it, but for Jenner - her focus is mostly to just live to the name she's created for herself as the queen of social media.

"For most great reality stars, though, the show is the engine meant to get them to wherever it is they're hoping to go. For Jenner, by all appearances onair and off actively engaged with her business, it's an ancillary project," The magazine said. "If she's disengaged from her own show, it may be because she's legitimately a bit too famous for it. But it helps the brand: We're watching a very young PR expert at work, and also someone who understands the simulacrum she's living through as normal life. A prom filmed for TV is, for someone who was home-schooled to focus on her family's TV show, a prom. And how different is it, really? Once she arrives, all the attendees pull out their phones to create their own reality shows. Jenner is popular less because her life is impossibly unattainable than because it's so quotidian in an age of relentless self-documentation. Jenner tells her therapist a big, obvious secret: the image she projects on social media "isn't fully me." The therapist agrees, but we don't see her face. She's refused to appear on air — the better to make the session seem credible for television."

Cosmopolitan also reviewed the series, saying "Life of Kylie" initially sets out to make Jenner seem more relatable, but ends up proving that her life is not something that people can associate with.

The majority of the show pictures Jenner trying to prove that she is more than just Snapchat famous, while also finding ways to use her social media presence to expand her name and her business - which is not only contradicting, it isn't actually at all relatable.

"By staying at a surface level, Life of Kylie doesn't do much more than rehash and expand on Kylie's social media presence, and that's not particularly compelling. (It frequently goes as far as to actually just replay Snapchats on screen, which feels horrifyingly lazy at worst and just plain boring at best,) Cosmopolitan says. "To be fair, Keeping Up with the Kardashians operates from a similar place — by the time we're watching most events unfold on the show, we've already seen them play out on social media or within the tabloids. But the difference is the family's ability to put a fresh spin on those events, whether it's through self-deprecating humor or extended emotional insight or juicy behind-the-scenes details. Life of Kylie doesn't have that extra layer of realism, and so more than anything, it feels like watching a 30-minute Snapchat, and that doesn't make for great television. This isn't a slight — Kylie is a true queen of social media. But if anything, Life of Kylie proves that Kylie's life belongs online, not on TV."

CNN says that there is some serious irony in Jenner's show - noting that she spends the majority of the time complaing about how fame is something she can't get used to, all while having a camera crew document every aspect of her life.

"Enter "Life of Kylie," the latest E! series to feature part of the family -- in this case, 19-year-old model and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. The first two episodes, which will premiere back to back, underscore a peculiar strain of faux-reluctant reality-TV players who combine self-pity with a lack of self-awareness, as Jenner insists that she hasn't mastered "this fame thing" like her telegenic brood while inviting a camera crew to follow her around like a puppy."

The Daily Beast went so far as to say the series is nothing more than "inside the life of a paranoid rich girl." The publication mocked Jenner for complaining about the negative side of fame, like having an influx of money and the unbearable popularity that she created for herself.

"Kylie Jenner’s life is—obviously, objectively—incredible. The work that she does to earn her fortune isn’t physically demanding or intellectually strenuous, and even if she retired tomorrow, she’d have more money than the average human being can even fathom. She’s so rich she can’t even invent a convincing obstacle to surmount on her reality TV show—when Jenner and her gang get devastating news that the private jet they’re supposed to take to Sacramento has broken down, they just call and ask for a different private jet. Still, with more than anybody needs, Jenner just wants to be “normal”: “I live the most extraordinary life, and I’m very grateful,” Jenner confides to the camera as the second episode of Life of Kylie comes to a close. “But the moments I feel completely normal and just like a 19-year-old girl—it’s the best."

Insider also reviewed the series, saying the show is actually worth the watch for fans of the young mogul. The publication says it reveals things about Jenner that fans as well as naysayers might not know and will appreciate learning.

"Kardashian fans should watch, because well, was there any doubt we would? It's fun to learn more about Kylie and understand why she can be absent from "KUWTK" and why she feels like she needs to put out this perfect image of herself out to fans and on social media. At the same time, her haters will get a lot out of fuel for their dislike from watching too."

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