Someone Actually Had 13 Surgeries to Look Like Ivanka Trump
Stars Who've Copped to Plastic Surgery

Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow aren't sure whether they should to be complicit in this woman's Ivanka Trump transformation.

In a clip from Thursday night's episode of "Botched," a woman named Tiffany asked the duo to help her attain her the First Daughter's "All-American features."

"She's very elegant, classy, she represents women, she's a go getter," she explained. "I've had 13 surgeries. I was so pretty before, I'm just so elegant now."

Those 13 surgeries were all done in the span of a year, with Tiffany going under anesthesia three times for have multiple procedures. This, Dr. Nassif said, could be a problem.

"In plastic surgery, sometimes we do multiple procedures," he explained. "Now they may be small, but you can have up to five or six procedures at one time as long as it's safe."

"I'm pondering this conversation for a minute, trying to figure out why would you want to do that much of a transformation that quick," he then told the patient.

A "red flag" that came up: her surgeries began just months after she split from her husband of 10 years.

"You have to be very careful of those individuals and that they don't have unrealistic expectations. that can be a red flag.

In the end, the doctors told Tiffany she didn't need anymore invasive surgeries.

"If you have more plastic surgery, the chances you run into more complications are huuuuuge," Dubrow told her. "Your journey to look like Ivanka Trump is over. Tiffany is already great, Tiffany doesn't need to be made great again."