It wouldn't be a Wilkinson family reunion without someone being called a "f-cking whore."

In this exclusive clip from the season finale of "Kendra on Top," Kendra Wilkinson's mother Patti, brother Colin and father Eric find themselves in the same room for the first time in ages. Suffice to say, it does not go well.

While Kendra reconciled with her estranged dad in 2015, the same can't be said for his ex-wife and son. And with the family all attending the premiere of Wilkinson's "Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man" in Las Vegas, tensions escalate quickly.

It all really hits the fan when Eric tries to strike up a conversation with Colin at the after-party. Instead of shaking his father's hand, Colin tells him to "get the f*ck outta here."

That leads to Eric leaving the bash, as his wife Amy seeks out Colin and Patti to cuss them out. "Here comes the bitch," Patti exclaims, "F*cking whore, whatever she is."

The altercation only gets worse from there, while Kendra just sits on the sidelines watching all hell break loose.

"I am staying away from all of this right now because I am not going to pick a side," she says.

Watch the explosions continue when the season finale of "Kendra on Top" airs Friday night at 9pm PT on WE tv.

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