Trevor Noah returned from a two-week vacation Monday just in time to witness the first total solar eclipse in 38 years -- and then make fun of President Donald Trump for looking at it without protective glasses.

"Apparently, the president's aides were really worried about him, so they told him not to look directly into the sun, and Donald Trump was like, 'Don't worry about me -- that's my policy every day: Don't look at the sun, don't talk to the sun and definitely don't celebrate the sun's birthday, nothing,'" the "Daily Show" host joked while images of Eric Trump flashed behind him.

Noah also joked that Melania Trump missed out on the chance of a lifetime as Washington, D.C., briefly went dark during the solar event.

"Donald Trump and Melania were watching together? Which surprised me, because, I mean, two minutes of total darkness? That should've been her chance to escape," Noah said.

The Comedy Central late-night host also marveled at the sheer joy of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith while reporting on the eclipse. In a video that went viral shortly after it aired Monday, Smith was seen bouncing around the office, making jokes and forcing his colleagues to sing along to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

"I think it is safe to say that nobody in America enjoyed it more than [Shep did]," Noah said.

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