Donald Trump's reading skills are pretty much the only thing Trevor Noah praised the president for after he successfully read a "weird" speech about his Afghanistan War strategy Monday.

"I'm sorry. Look, I know that he's been president for seven months, but seeing Donald Trump making military decisions is still weird for me," Noah said in his monologue Tuesday. "I mean, he must be the first human being in history who gets to command an army after starring in a Pizza Hut commercial."

Although "The Daily Show" host still thinks it's strange, he doesn't want to pre-judge "Mr. Pizza Hut" on such matters because he is still unclear on the president's plan once the troops are stationed in the battlefield.

"Trump's actual strategy is like his position on Nazis," Noah said. "It's unclear."

Noah then pointed out how Trump is finally listening to someone who actually knows what they are talking about, even if it does fall back on his original promise to keep troops out of war zones.

"I don't know why we we're surprised like, 'Oh, why didn't Trump pull out?' He has like five kids, he was never going to pull out. Come on."

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