Here's Everything the 'Hollywood Medium' Told Lil' Kim About Notorious B.I.G.'s Murder
Lil' Kim's Changing Looks Through the Years

On Wednesday's episode of "Hollywood Medium," Lil' Kim asked Tyler Henry the one question everyone wants to know the answer to: Who murdered Biggie?

And while his answer didn't reveal the rapper's killer, their conversation shed some light into what was happening in Notorious B.I.G.'s life before he was gunned down.

"One of the impressions that did come through was a memory right before his passing, of him standing outside of a residence and he acknowledges this memory of looking out, taking a deep breath and the feeling is like his soul was preparing to go even though he consciously didn't know what was about to fully happen," Henry told Lil' Kim.

"It is interesting to note, he is having me bring up two people, two people, two people and showing me two people conspiring," he continued. "There's a feeling of almost like people talking or hearing that someone might not have wanted him to live. He's showing me a symbol of death threat and then not taking death threat seriously, which would indicate if we don't know who did it, many people would."

Biggie, via Henry, kept the identities of those two people a mystery though. Lil' Kim, however, had an idea of what the psychic was talking about.

"He was definitely at a party before it happened," she said. "I will say this, it was a little after 2Pac passed away. I remember he called us all in the room and he had a meeting with us. He was like, we have to stay tight. It's almost like he felt something but no one else picked up on it. I took it very seriously."

In an interview with ET, Henry explained that Biggie was more interested in relaying "some of the things he didn't get to say to [Kim] that he needed to get off his chest" than his murder. "When it came to his actual passing, there was not that much in that department," he explained. "It's always interesting to see what they prioritize in bringing through. You would think sometimes people would come through and bring up their death as the first thing and sometimes those are the people who don't."

During the reading, he relayed that the late rapper considered Lil' Kim his "soulmate," adding, "For him, loving you was the greatest accomplishment his soul truly feels it was ever able to do. You showed him what love was but you helped teach him in ways that no one else did and that's so special."

B.I.G. also wanted to apologize to her because "he feels like you deserved more than you got."