Howard Stern Trashes 'Big Fat' Harvey Weinstein In Rare Late-Night Appearance on Kimmel
Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Misconduct Accusers

"[There's] no girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked and is going to get aroused," Stern says.

Howard Stern thinks the sexual harassment scandal revolving movie producer Harvey Weinstein is totally "unbelievable."

The radio host made a rare late-night TV appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday night, where he went in on the Hollywood mogul as numerous allegations of sexual misconduct continue to come to light.

"First of all, when did this guy have time to make movies?" Stern asked. "I thought movie making was hard... All these guys who do sexual harassment, I mean they're freaks! This big fat guy, what does he think?"

The 63-year-old Hollywood vet was especially grossed out by allegations that Weinstein's standard operating procedure was to allegedly ask women to watch him shower in various hotel rooms.

"I'm a man. If you saw me naked, you'd throw up," he said. "No girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked and is going to get aroused. If I was Harvey Weinstein, I'd wear a burqa and I'd say, listen, you don't have to look at me."

"The one thing women don't want to see is a man's penis," Stern added. "They want to see you've got a job, they want to see you treat them nice."

Stern also revealed that he actually hates doing talk shows because of the way everyone judges him, but he agreed to an appearance on Kimmel because they're actually friends.

"It's so unnatural, everyone evaluates you. How did he do? Was he funny? Did he pull his pants down? Was he Fart Man? Was he not Fart Man? He wasn't good enough," Stern said.

Kimmel clearly knew about Stern's late-night reservations, joking at the top of the show that "Donald Trump was more excited to visit Puerto Rico than Howard about being on this show."

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