Ellen DeGeneres Expertly Scares 'Scandal' Star Kerry Washington: 'That's So Mean'
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Halloween is over, but the daytime talk show host's passion for scaring the crap out of famous people continues.

Kerry Washington has appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" ten times, but has never received an epic scare from the prankster -- until now.

"It was an oversight that we've never scared you so we realized we had to take advantage of it," DeGeneres told the "Scandal" star on Thursdays episode.

Washington agreed to play DeGeneres' brand new game Purple Purseword in order to raise money for The Purple Purse Foundation, an organization that helps women leave abusive homes by giving them the tools they need to take care of themselves. The rules were simple: Each star has three attempts to give the other star a one-word clue to guess the word written on their card.

All was going well until Washington guessed the word "secret" correctly and a skeleton jumped out of the table between the actress and DeGeneres.

"Oh my god," Washington said after screaming. "That's so mean."

"No, what's mean is keeping that guy in here. He's been here for a week," DeGeneres responded.

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