11 Eye-Popping 'American Horror Story: Cult' Cast Portraits

Helter Skelter hits "American Horror Story" with the second to last episode of the season, "Charles (Manson) In Charge."

Every week, TooFab's breaking down the moments from "American Horror Story: Cult" that really made us go "WTF."

In a season that's already given us Lena Dunham shooting Andy Warhol, Chaz Bono cutting off his own hand and one creepy ass Rick Springfield, here are the 5 most shocking moments from Tuesday's new episode.

Bebe's Failed Plan


After hitting one of his sister's friends for insulting his Donald Trump love, Kai (Evan Peters) was ordered to take anger management courses as part of his probation. His therapist: Bebe Babbitt (Frances Conroy), of S.C.U.M. fame.

It was Bebe, you see, who really helped turn Kai into an all out monster. She fostered his support of Trump, who she said was her "favorite politician of all time" due to all the rage he causes in women. It's also Bebe who told Kai his true purpose: to release feminine rage.

"You will drown in it, you and every other man, but you will die doing it knowing you saved us all," she told him. "And you'll be famous for it, a legend." While Kai initially seemed game for her plan to cause chaos and incite a feminist revolution at the expense of his own life, Bebe was double-crossed by the end of the episode.

While confronting him about his tactics, she expressed concern he had "enraged everyone" and even broke "unbreakable tiger" Beverly Hope (Adina Porter). But Kai, now taking advice from the spirit of Charles Manson (more on him later), wasn't having it anymore. "Did you think I was going to drown myself in female rage? That I would die a martyr to some dead bitch's call. Fuck that. You awakened me to the power of pissing people off," he shot back. "Hell yes, I want women mad ... but women can't run things. They're too emotional. Irrational. Women need to be grabbed by their pussies and led, preferably to the kitchen."

Before she had a chance to fight back, Ally (Sarah Paulson) wandered downstairs and shot her. "Who is this?" she asked after killing the fantastically-caped Bebe. "My anger management counselor," deadpanned Kai.

The Charles Manson Murders

Evan Peters or Charles Manson?

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A large portion of Tuesday's episode involved Kai's "story time" retelling of the Tate Murders, in which Charles Manson's followers killed actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child and four others in 1969.

Peters doubled as Manson, while Billy Eichner was more terrifying than we've ever seen him as right-hand man Tex Watson. Paulson played Susan "Sexy Sadie" Atkins, Leslie Grossman returned as Patricia Krenwinkel and Billie Lourde stepped in as Linda Kasabian.

The murders were incredibly graphic, as the inhabitants of 10050 Cielo Drive were killed off one by one.

The purpose of the re-telling was two-fold. First, Kai illustrated how Manson was "betrayed" by some of his followers, kicking off his own paranoia the rest of the episode. Second, it gave him and his followers a jumping off point for their own version of Helter Skelter.

"Charlie had the right idea but he just wasn't thinking big enough. We have to follow Manson's playbook, but do it bigger," he told his boys. "We have to do something so shocking, so culture shifting, it'll open our path to the senate and then the presidency."

Their plan: Night of 1,000 Tates, which sounds like the worst thing ever.

RIP Gary

Poor Gary (Chaz Bono) thought he was going to be part of the Night of 1,000 Tates, but instead wound up Kai's next victim.

After getting locked inside a Planned Parenthood by a few of the white power brigade, the one-handed grocery store owner came face to face with a group of killer clowns.

"What I need you for is more important, more vital," Kai told him. "In doing this, you will never leave me. You will become a part of me. Closer to me than any of my other children." Gary was then found the next morning slumped up against Planned Parenthood, totally eviscerated, with a sign saying "Stop the Slaughter."

Gary's death wasn't in vain, as Kai used it to blame a senator for empowering "anti-life zealots to incite violence" against pro-lifers, saying they're who killed Bono's character.

RIP Winter


It became obvious pretty early on tonight that Winter would be the next big character to go. The question was, would it be by Kai or Ally's hand?

First, Winter asked Ally if she knew what happened to Ivy, after not buying Kai's story that she was at a cooking school in Paris. Ally, in turn, confronted Winter for "seducing" her wife and destroying her family. After Winter intimated that her brother offed her lover, Ally made it pretty clear she did it. That conversation sure made it seem like Ms. Mayfair-Richards wanted to be the one to end her.

But Winter later found a way to really tick off her brother by offering Beverly an Amtrak ticket to Butte, Montana to be free of the cult. Hope, however, wanted to part of it. "Tell Divine Ruler, I would never run, ever. I'm his loyal follower until the end," she responded. This got back to Kai, who spent most of the episode trying to find the mole in his midst after hearing a humming noise in his home. His suspicions were verified when Ally found a hidden tape recorder and bug in the house and ice cream truck. In his mind, Winter was his Judas.

Winter accused Ally of setting her up and refused to confess that she was a spy until her dying breath.

The Real Mole Revealed!

The spy wasn't Winter, as it was revealed Kai's most vocal cheerleader Speedwagon has been leaking intel from the inside.

After watching the "Divine Ruler" murder his own sister for allegedly betraying him, Speedwagon freaked the eff out, running to his car and ripping off his wire in shock.

As he smashed his device, Ally slinked into the car. "Hello, Speedwagon," she said knowingly. Judging by his reaction, they don't appear to be in cahoots just yet, but that doesn't mean they won't be for the sure-to-be bloody finale.

The big questions here: Who is Speedwagon working for? And hasn't he seen enough already to take down the cult?

We'll find out next week on the season finale of "American Horror Story."