7 Stars Trump Tried to Date

The actor tells TooFab why playing a Trump supporter "excited" him, what his mother thought of the role and which of his co-stars is a closet Cher superfan.

Anyone who follows Chaz Bono or his mom Cher on Twitter knows they're not exactly fans of President Donald Trump, but that didn't stop Chaz from playing one on TV.

Bono currently stars on "American Horror Story: Cult" as Gary, a "Make America Great Again" hat-wearing grocery store owner who cut off his own hand just so he could vote for Trump in the election.

For Chaz, he relished the challenge of the role.

"I was pretty excited actually, I have to say," he told TooFab. "I really like to play characters that are as far away from me as possible. I was pretty psyched about it."

"It wasn't that hard of a headspace to get into," he continued. "I think there's a reason that Gary ends up doing what he does and is in Kai's cult because there's something actually quite easy about that. As complicated as the world is and seems to get everyday, there's something nice about being able to turn off your brain and listen to somebody else."

And while his mama often refers to the president with a toilet emoji online, Bono got major support from Cher for the role.

"She thought it was great. Look, obviously my mom is an actor and understands this business and she knows the kind of work that I like to do and she thought everything that I was showing her, she just thought was amazing," he explained. "She was really excited for me, really excited, it was cool. We had talked about it and I showed her pictures at my grandma's birthday and then we went up to Vegas to see her for something and I got there and everybody was talking, 'Your mom told me ...', it was great she was bragging to everyone about it."

"She finds the show scary, so she has to wait and watch it when she has girlfriends over or something," Bono added.

Speaking of Cher, Bono invited all his castmates on a trip to see her Las Vegas show back in August, where he learned one co-star in particular is a huge fan of his mother.

"Everybody had a really great time," he told TooFab. "I have a lot of pictures of Sarah Paulson, just freaking out in the audience. They're really funny, they're my blackmail photos, because she's just a ridiculous fan of my mom and people don't know that about Sarah Paulson. If Sarah Paulson is around my mother, it's very funny. It was fun to be able to do that with everybody."

So far, the reaction from "Horror Story" fans to Bono's character have been positive, even from those on the right.

"Everything that I've seen has been really positive, at least reaching out to me, which is not always what I'm used to. So that's cool," he explained. "People seem to really like Gary and, I mean Gary is, in a bad guy sense, really fun. People seem to be loving this season and that's great."

When asked if he's gotten feedback from Trump supporters, he said, "Not [those] that are saying, 'Hey, I'm a Trump supporter.'"

"I'm assuming there are people who voted for Trump who are watching and enjoying the show. I did get somebody who had a Trump thing up for their picture and commented in a really positive light, so I'm assuming that was a Trump supporter," he went on. "It wasn't an anti-Trump icon, it was a lawn sign."

"If anything, [the reaction's] been like, it's so ironic you're playing this character, that's so cool, that kind of thing," he added. "I get a lot of, oh my god you scared me to death, you totally freaked me out, I can't believe you cut off your arm, that kind of stuff."

As for what's to come, Bono played it coy: "I'm not allowed to tease anything ... you know how they are!"

"American Horror Story: Cult" airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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