The Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

The two "View" co-hosts address everything from Meghan McCain to Bila's surprising exit earlier this year.

"The View" itself was the Hot Topic on "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday, as current co-host Joy Behar sat down with former co-star Rosie O'Donnell.

During the online after-show, it got a little uncomfortable for Joy, as Rosie started talking about the "unhealthy" environment behind the scenes when she was on the ABC morning show.

"There were a lot of secrets about a lot of the staff members you were not allowed to say, it was a severely dysfunctional family, involving relationships that you were not allowed to talk about and children that were there where you couldn’t discuss where they came from," Rosie said, as Behar awkwardly laughed in her seat. "It was a crazy ass dysfunctional family. I was like, are you kidding me?! we are not allowed to acknowledge what is right in front of our face!"

"I'm not saying anything. I still work there!" Joy added. "It was hard. It was a hard year. It was hard to be there, after Star [Jones] and Meredith [Vieira] left. Everything was in turmoil. First of all, Meredith left. Barbra [Walters] was acting crazy that year too."

The two also talked about Meghan McCain joining the show. While she and Behar have gone head-to-head quite a few times since she started, Behar said they are "very friendly." "I like her," she added, "I think she sticks to her guns. I correct her facts once and a while, we get into that a little bit. Her father is a hero at the moment. He is speaking truth to power and I respect that. I respect that she comes from that family."

Rosie's only words of wisdom about her: "I don't advise shushing Whoopi!"

One caller asked Behar about Hillary Clinton's infamous visit to the show earlier this year and if anything was "off limits" for her appearance.

"No. I know that there's this thing going on that Jedediah lost her job because she asked Hillary a tough question," Behar emphatically replied. "That is so the opposite … they want her to ask a tough question. They would never get rid of her for something like that and yet this thing is going around like it's true."

"It wasn't anything completely off the wall, but it was a strict question," she added. "We had Jeff Flake on and I confronted him."

Bila left the show shortly after Clinton appeared to promote her book, "What Happened." During the appearance, Bila put Clinton on the spot by asking what she thought of liberals criticizing what she wrote. An ABC spokesperson previously shot down reports that was why she exited, saying, "Her departure had nothing to do with the Hillary Clinton interview. Jedediah asked good questions during that interview, and the producers were pleased with how she handled it."